9 Amazing Outdoor Activities in Bali

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Do you prefer to fill your day with adrenalin-fuelled activities over spending lazy days on the beach? If you’re up for things like white-water rafting, climbing volcanoes or paragliding better read on and get ready! Bali offers an exciting array of outdoor activities, whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or prefer to start easy. Here are Bali’s top outdoor activities:

1. Canyoning
Although still new to Bali, canyoning is a sport that lets you explore canyons through a variety of methods such as jumping, caving, wading, scrambling and abseiling. One of the best areas to try canyoning in Bali is Gitgit which is especially known for its waterfalls and lush jungle. Gitgit is home to several canyons that offer easy access for beginners, however, numerous sites are better to be conquered by experienced climbers only.

2. White Water Rafting
Being relatively small, it’s quite interesting how diverse Bali’s landscapes are. The highlands in central Bali have become famous for its many rice paddies, wonderful greenery and many rivers. Although Ubud, the biggest town in central Bali, is more laid-back and better known for its many art galleries –and workshops, it offers one of the most spectacular adventures for people of all ages: white water rafting! Navigate down the breathtaking class II and III rapids of the Ayung River while getting an experience of your lifetime! The rapids may be a bit rough at some times, but are not life- threatening and even suitable for kids.

3. Hiking Mount Batur
At 1717m, Mount Batur is one of Bali’s highest volcanoes and among Indonesia’s most active ones. Its massive crater is about 14km in diameter whereat it offers relatively easy hiking trails that are even suitable for children and non-experienced hikers. You can get to the peak at any time of the day, but you should really consider waking up early enough in order to watch the spectacular sunrise. It takes just a bit more than an hour to reach the top.

4. Paragliding
Surprisingly, many people are not aware that you can even do paragliding in Bali. The southerly trade winds from May to October allowing excellent conditions to fly 12km around Bali’s southernmost tip, the Bukit peninsula. Non-experienced pilots will have to opt for a tandem flight, however, if time allows, why not considering a paragliding course when already here?

5. ATV Biking
Riding ATVs is the perfect option for adventure seekers that don’t know their physical limit yet. The island offers various terrains to conquer, from the beaches in the south to the hills of Bedugul in north-central Bali. All you need to do is jump on the ATV and let it do the rest!

6. Menjangan Island
This uninhabited island is located about 10km just off the mainland’s coast and part of the West Bali National Park, Bali’s one and only national park. There are several trails for hiking, but it’s necessary to hire a guide before you start. The unspoiled nature, especially the abundance of bird species, provides fantastic photo opportunities. Don’t forget your fins and goggles to explore the magical underwater world as well.

7. Flyboarding
Flyboarding currently hooks beach destinations around the world and Bali, of course, has to be on this list as well. Don’t know what flyboarding is? Think of a jetpack strapped around your back while standing on a board – the high water pressure results into propulsions and lifts you 10 metres high at a speed of 45-50 kilometres per hours. This one should be definitely on your bucketlist!

8. Sea Walker
Can’t dive but snorkelling is not your ‘thing’? Too boring? Here’s the ultimate solution for you: the Sea Walker. The Sea Walker is nothing more than a helmet connected to an oxygen pipe with a boat, but let’s you easily breath as you do above water, speaking, you can conveniently walk at the bottom of the sea and enjoy the magnificent marine world of Bali. Don’t worry, everybody can use the Sea Walker, there is no technical knowledge or any type of test required.

9. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park
Always dreamed of being Tarzan and swinging from tree to tree? This adventure park lets you do exactly this! It features over 70 fantastic challenges such as swings, suspended bridges, flying fox and much, much more. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is located



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