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Denmark is a small country but if you want to visit it for holidays then it is one of the most amazing places to be, it does not matter whether it has a small region but in reality there are great landscapes that you can visit and feel all fuel and refreshed up. There are many charms in Denmark, like its glorious beaches, and the amazing fairy-tale castles, lush green forests, moderate climate, and last but not the least, friendly citizens.

Denmark is a place you must visit in the holiday season with your friends and family to rejuvenate and get the real essence between modernism and nature. The most amazing places to be are:

1. Frederiksborg Palace
The Frederiksborg Palace which was built in the early part of the 18th century is still one of the most glorifying and historic site in Denmark, it also holds the Museum of National History. There are many activities for the visitors, you can roam the halls of the castle and have a look at the huge collection the art work present there. Remember, if you are there then do not miss the gardens! Especially the one which lie on the far side of a lake, they can be easily crossed by boats.

2. The Viking Ship Museum
If you find history fascinating and like to know about things then the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde is the place to be. The most attractive feature is that the visitors can see the Viking ships that were discovered in Roskilde Fjord. Also there are also many destinations paved in such a way that they attract the younger ones. Another prominent feature that enthralls many is that there is boat yard which still use the same methods which are same as the Viking shipbuilding techniques.

3. Skagen Beaches
When on holidays, a trip to beach is an ultimate must! Skagen is a place which people opt for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. What people mostly like about the beach is that it is lovely, windswept and desolate. And the most unusual part is the lightening at the beach, it is extraordinary beautiful that even many painters and artists tried to paint it. From the Skagen beach you can also go to the Råbjerg Mile, it is Denmark’s biggest moving sand dune, with a church that is entirely buried in sand less some barely visible steeple.

4. Legoland Billund
If you’re the one with little children then you must visit Legoland Billund, the miniland display is what makes it highly interesting and attractive, and there are miniature display of many world famous buildings and places, which are build up of more than 50 million LEGO bricks.

5. Den Gamle By
Den Gamle By is a very different kind of museum; people who are interested in olden things would definitely pay it a visit. What makes it unique is that it is an open air museum in the city of Aarhus. There are nearly 100 historical structures collected from all corners of Denmark, along with toy museum, which attract both the adults and children where there are costumed re-enactors who demonstrate the lifestyle of a bygone era.

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Age is a valuable thing that should never prevent anyone from doing what they want to do in life. Oftentimes, travelling serves as a massive hurdle for people who have already been identified by the society as senior citizens. This is one of the reasons why travel insurance for seniors has been made available to people who want to relish their golden years by travelling to different countries while enjoying a reliable security cover. Contrary to what most people know, life can actually be really fun and free from all types of worries whether you are at your teenage years or golden years. Having a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is just one of the many ways on how you can travel the world despite the risks that may come with having an old age.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is a beneficial form of insurance that can cover unexpected expenses and help a senior citizen deal with the health-related problems he may experience during a scheduled trip. Basically, it covers a senior’s monetary loss and medical expenses; and in case a senior citizen loses his baggage or cancels his trip, the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance can help him anytime to deal with any unfavorable circumstance he is currently facing. This is exactly why you should make sure that you already have one way before you decide to travel in the next two weeks or so.

Since travelling in your golden years can be a bit of a risk, the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance has been designed to have a 24-hour helpline that can advise you what to do just in case you encounter a problem while you are travelling. Although several things may spoil your trip, it is most definitely a good thing to have something as helpful as a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance that can assist you whenever you suddenly encounter health problems, just had experienced losing important travel documents, or your trip had been cut short. In case you are not feeling well during the day of your flight, the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance can automatically assist you in reimbursing all of your transportation charges. As a matter of fact, if you happen to cancel your trip within valid reason, all of the charges of the hotel and flight you have booked ahead of time will be entirely covered by the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance.

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So far, the best benefit that you can get from the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance as a person up in his years is a medical assistance which you can make use of if ever you get injured or sick in the middle of your trip. More importantly, if you ever encounter an accident, the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance can easily accommodate you as you seek medical treatment abroad.

These are just some of the benefits one can get from taking a good and reliable senior citizen travel insurance. In sum, having such insurance is a very effective way for a senior to take full benefit of all the opportunities that can be enjoyed by someone who has just retired after years of hard work and unsuccessful attempts of de-stressing. It is, without a doubt, a good type of reward you can give to yourself in your golden years.

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So you’re planning a trip to the Maldives but don’t know what to do, yet you know that it’s definitely more than soaking in the sun? No worries, the Maldives may be known for its beautiful beaches, emerald green water and dramatic sunsets, but there also several great activities that you can do here:

1. Island Hopping
Most visitors to the Maldives remain in their resorts without seeing much of the country, speaking, visits to local islands aside Male are very rare. As it’s not possible to explore the Maldives by car, there are two common ways of getting around: by boat or by plane. Boats are great for shorter distances while planes allow you to cover more within a short period. Almost all resorts and local travel agencies based in Male offer Island Hopping by boat, whereat trips are usually made to local islands to catch a glimpse of typical Maldivian life.
There are small domestic planes (a number of small airports can be found on larger islands) which cover mainly farther destinations but there are also sea planes that connect resorts with the airport in Male, Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. The latter one is ideal for covering islands and resorts in neighbouring atolls. There are currently two seaplane companies that allow you to charter planes, Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways; you can contact their counters in the airport or via the reception in your resort.

2. Robinson Crusoe Experience
Let’s be honest, haven’t you ever thought about living on a deserted island with nothing more than a few coconut palms, white sandy beach around you and direct access to the beautiful turquoise ocean? At least for a couple of hours, you can make this dream come true. Resorts as well as many travel agencies offer this unforgettable experience where you’re left alone on an uninhabited islands (in reachable distance to your hotel) , equipped with nothing more than a picnic basket and a mobile phone for emergency cases. Tour organizers may have a fix schedule, therefore, ask your resort’s Guest Relations for a customized itinerary.

3. Explore Male City
Male is the only island which can be considered a city. With a population of over 100.000 on just 5.8 sq km, Male is among the most densely populated cities in the world and walking along the busy streets doesn’t feel different from cities like Bangkok or Jakarta. Male may not be the most beautiful city, but it’s a vibrant and bustling place that is worth a visit, while major places can be easily seen within half a day. Wake up early to visit the famous fish market (great spot for taking amazing photos), followed by a visit to the Islamic Centre, an interesting place which serves as mosque and museum. Other spots to include in your itinerary are the National Museum, Sultan’s Palace and the Tsunami Monument. Don’t forget to indulge to Maldivian cuisine as well; while main dishes are mostly served with tuna, you should try traditional sweet dishes along with a hot coffee and for snacking, go for ‘Hedhikaa’, so called ‘short-eats’, where you can select between various sweet and savoury snacks of your choice, available in many local coffee shops or bakeries.

4. Go Underwater
What would be a visit to the Maldives without seeing the mesmerizing underwater world? Luckily, you don’t need to be a certified diver to see the wonderful corals and extraordinary marine life. Resorts /hotels/guest houses usually offer goggles and fins for rent at affordable prices. Watersport shops that offer snorkelling equipment can be found on various lager local islands as well, but it’s not always the case. The Maldivian underwater world varies from north to south, speaking no place is like the other. South Ari Atoll is widely considered as the atoll with most beautiful corals and marine world. A different way to go underwater can be found near Male, where you can go aboard an underwater boat, known as ‘Whale Submarine’.

5. Fishing
Even if you have never tried fishing before, you should seriously consider giving it a shot when visiting the Maldives. There are two major ways of fishing here: the traditional way and the action-packed Big Game Fishing. The traditional way takes place just before sunset, where a dhoni (typical wooden style boat, motorized) sets off from the resort and stops usually in close distance to an uninhabited island. Your equipment is nothing more than a classic wooden rod, but it allows you to catch groupers, white –and red snappers. Big Game Fishing is ideal for adrenalin junkies where you leave with a sport boat before sunrise to distant places in order to catch marlins or tunas. Most resorts offer to fry/grill your catch afterwards.


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Looking for a special souvenir but can’t find anything? You always wanted to try Lanna style dishes but didn’t know where? Although Chiang Mai offers plenty of dining and shopping opportunities, it’s the markets that turn shopping and eating into a special experience! Here are seven must see markets in Chiang Mai:

1. Saturday Night Market (Saturday Night Walking Street)
Every Saturday, the famous Wualai Road, Chiang Mai’s silversmith quartier, turns into a bustling market area which is entirely closed for traffic. Thousands of visitors are drawn by the countless vendors who open their stalls along the length of the road as well as several side roads. Take your time to soak into the wonderful atmosphere, watch people haggling, indulge to delicious Thai snacks or simply look for great souvenirs for family and friends. Just in case you should be tired from all the walking, pamper yourself at one of the dozens of open air massage places for a relaxing foot massage.

Location: along Wualai Road, starting from Chiang Mai Gate.
Open: Saturdays, 17:00-midnight.

2. Sunday Night Market (Sunday Night Walking Street)
The Sunday Night Market is a huge market area which starts at Thapae Gate and goes along the entire stretch of Rachadamnoen Road and its many alleys. It’s in many ways similar to the Saturday Night Market (the roads are closed as well) but several times bigger in size. This market is the place to go if you’re looking for unique handicraft items made from materials like ceramic, silk or wood (among others). It gets quickly busy after sunset when the market really comes alive with lots of entertaining performers and buskers.

Location: along Rachadamnoen Road, starting from Thapae Gate.
Open: Sundays, 16:00-midnight.

3. Chiang Mai Gate
There are two daily markets taking place at Chiang Mai Gate, one in the morning and the other one at night. The morning market is still a hidden gem as it’s not much frequented by visitors; it comprises of a canopied area with solely food sellers and an outside area where vendors sell flowers, clothes, linen and various household items. Come early enough to watch locals buying their daily goods and monks collecting alms. The atmosphere provides fantastic photo opportunities as well.
The night market opens around 17:00 and is only focused around food. You can get mainly Thai dishes here, such as Som Tam (green shredded papaya salad), or the famous Pad Thai, but also a few international dishes such as chicken kebab and biryani. Almost all vendors offer seating facilities as well.

Location: Chiang Mai Gate
Open: daily, morning market – 04:00-12:30; night market: 17:00-midnight.

4. Warorot Market
Warorot is located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Chinatown and is basically a multi-storey building with dozens of food vendors on the ground floor while you can find lots of small shops selling shoes, clothes and household items on the upper floors. This bustling mall is accompanied by a colourful market just outside the building where you can literally find anything from fruits and vegetables over spices and cooked meals to flowers, toys, watches and electronics. Warorot is also a great place to sample various northern Thai-style dishes, like Sai Oua (grilled pork sausage stuffed with herbs).

Location: 10-15 minutes walking from Thapae Gate, near Ping River.
Open: 05:00-18:00 (Warorot); 05:00-23:00 (the market)

5. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
The daily occurring Night Bazaar takes place along the stretch of Chan Klang Road with its many side roads and enjoys lots of popularity from its visitors. The vendors here offer significant different items as oppose to the aforementioned Saturday –and Sunday Night Market especially lots of copycat material like DVDs and Rolex watches can be found here. Nevertheless, you can also find lots of unique things here such as luggage –and travel accessories, sunglasses, household items, smooth silk scarfs and much more. If you’re looking for handicraft items, consider visiting Warorot Market as you can get it cheaper there. Generally, be ready to haggle, as you can expect a discount of 25-30%. Dozens of food stalls, eateries and restaurants can be found around the Night Bazaar, speaking you can easily recharge while shopping.

Location: Chan Klang Road
Open: daily, 17:00-00:00.

6. Anusarn Market
Anusarn Market is a small canopied stretch which is connected to the above mentioned Night Bazaar where vendors primarily offer handicraft items similar to those for sale at Saturday –and Sunday Night Market. In addition, you can find numerous Arabic restaurants here, as well as the famous Ladyboy Cabaret.

Location: Chang Klan Road
Open: daily, 18:00- midnight

7. Chang Puak Fresh Market
Located near Chang Puak Gate (which is also known as ‘North Gate’) comes this large market where vendors selling lip-smacking Thai dishes. Enough tables and chairs are around, take a bit of time with you to sample as many dishes as you can.

Location: near Chang Puak Gate.
Open: daily, 17:00-midnight.


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Do you prefer to fill your day with adrenalin-fuelled activities over spending lazy days on the beach? If you’re up for things like white-water rafting, climbing volcanoes or paragliding better read on and get ready! Bali offers an exciting array of outdoor activities, whether you’re an adrenalin junkie or prefer to start easy. Here are Bali’s top outdoor activities:

1. Canyoning
Although still new to Bali, canyoning is a sport that lets you explore canyons through a variety of methods such as jumping, caving, wading, scrambling and abseiling. One of the best areas to try canyoning in Bali is Gitgit which is especially known for its waterfalls and lush jungle. Gitgit is home to several canyons that offer easy access for beginners, however, numerous sites are better to be conquered by experienced climbers only.

2. White Water Rafting
Being relatively small, it’s quite interesting how diverse Bali’s landscapes are. The highlands in central Bali have become famous for its many rice paddies, wonderful greenery and many rivers. Although Ubud, the biggest town in central Bali, is more laid-back and better known for its many art galleries –and workshops, it offers one of the most spectacular adventures for people of all ages: white water rafting! Navigate down the breathtaking class II and III rapids of the Ayung River while getting an experience of your lifetime! The rapids may be a bit rough at some times, but are not life- threatening and even suitable for kids.

3. Hiking Mount Batur
At 1717m, Mount Batur is one of Bali’s highest volcanoes and among Indonesia’s most active ones. Its massive crater is about 14km in diameter whereat it offers relatively easy hiking trails that are even suitable for children and non-experienced hikers. You can get to the peak at any time of the day, but you should really consider waking up early enough in order to watch the spectacular sunrise. It takes just a bit more than an hour to reach the top.

4. Paragliding
Surprisingly, many people are not aware that you can even do paragliding in Bali. The southerly trade winds from May to October allowing excellent conditions to fly 12km around Bali’s southernmost tip, the Bukit peninsula. Non-experienced pilots will have to opt for a tandem flight, however, if time allows, why not considering a paragliding course when already here?

5. ATV Biking
Riding ATVs is the perfect option for adventure seekers that don’t know their physical limit yet. The island offers various terrains to conquer, from the beaches in the south to the hills of Bedugul in north-central Bali. All you need to do is jump on the ATV and let it do the rest!

6. Menjangan Island
This uninhabited island is located about 10km just off the mainland’s coast and part of the West Bali National Park, Bali’s one and only national park. There are several trails for hiking, but it’s necessary to hire a guide before you start. The unspoiled nature, especially the abundance of bird species, provides fantastic photo opportunities. Don’t forget your fins and goggles to explore the magical underwater world as well.

7. Flyboarding
Flyboarding currently hooks beach destinations around the world and Bali, of course, has to be on this list as well. Don’t know what flyboarding is? Think of a jetpack strapped around your back while standing on a board – the high water pressure results into propulsions and lifts you 10 metres high at a speed of 45-50 kilometres per hours. This one should be definitely on your bucketlist!

8. Sea Walker
Can’t dive but snorkelling is not your ‘thing’? Too boring? Here’s the ultimate solution for you: the Sea Walker. The Sea Walker is nothing more than a helmet connected to an oxygen pipe with a boat, but let’s you easily breath as you do above water, speaking, you can conveniently walk at the bottom of the sea and enjoy the magnificent marine world of Bali. Don’t worry, everybody can use the Sea Walker, there is no technical knowledge or any type of test required.

9. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park
Always dreamed of being Tarzan and swinging from tree to tree? This adventure park lets you do exactly this! It features over 70 fantastic challenges such as swings, suspended bridges, flying fox and much, much more. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is located


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