Travelling to Denmark

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Denmark is a small country but if you want to visit it for holidays then it is one of the most amazing places to be, it does not matter whether it has a small region but in reality there are great landscapes that you can visit and feel all fuel and refreshed up. There are many charms in Denmark, like its glorious beaches, and the amazing fairy-tale castles, lush green forests, moderate climate, and last but not the least, friendly citizens.

Denmark is a place you must visit in the holiday season with your friends and family to rejuvenate and get the real essence between modernism and nature. The most amazing places to be are:

1. Frederiksborg Palace
The Frederiksborg Palace which was built in the early part of the 18th century is still one of the most glorifying and historic site in Denmark, it also holds the Museum of National History. There are many activities for the visitors, you can roam the halls of the castle and have a look at the huge collection the art work present there. Remember, if you are there then do not miss the gardens! Especially the one which lie on the far side of a lake, they can be easily crossed by boats.

2. The Viking Ship Museum
If you find history fascinating and like to know about things then the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde is the place to be. The most attractive feature is that the visitors can see the Viking ships that were discovered in Roskilde Fjord. Also there are also many destinations paved in such a way that they attract the younger ones. Another prominent feature that enthralls many is that there is boat yard which still use the same methods which are same as the Viking shipbuilding techniques.

3. Skagen Beaches
When on holidays, a trip to beach is an ultimate must! Skagen is a place which people opt for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. What people mostly like about the beach is that it is lovely, windswept and desolate. And the most unusual part is the lightening at the beach, it is extraordinary beautiful that even many painters and artists tried to paint it. From the Skagen beach you can also go to the Råbjerg Mile, it is Denmark’s biggest moving sand dune, with a church that is entirely buried in sand less some barely visible steeple.

4. Legoland Billund
If you’re the one with little children then you must visit Legoland Billund, the miniland display is what makes it highly interesting and attractive, and there are miniature display of many world famous buildings and places, which are build up of more than 50 million LEGO bricks.

5. Den Gamle By
Den Gamle By is a very different kind of museum; people who are interested in olden things would definitely pay it a visit. What makes it unique is that it is an open air museum in the city of Aarhus. There are nearly 100 historical structures collected from all corners of Denmark, along with toy museum, which attract both the adults and children where there are costumed re-enactors who demonstrate the lifestyle of a bygone era.

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